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Society often confines us, and breaking free from both external and self-imposed limits is crucial. Gaining respect as a leader, while striving for equality and overcoming barriers, is a formidable task. This challenge becomes even more complex when juggling family responsibilities and maintaining a demanding career that demands 12 hours of hard work every day. Discover how to liberate yourself from the traditional 9-5 routine and aim for greater fulfillment in all aspects of life, regardless of gender.

Join our free online challenge as your level up your life as a leading lady and the main character in your own life from January 22nd - January 24th with 3 days of:

  • a private Facebook accountability group to meet other empowering leading ladies

  • live videos daily with Xiomara, learning how to star in your own life

  • support from other ladies striving to make 2024 the year to do that big thing

  • class-based learning over livestream on topics ranging from goal setting to building side hustles to shifting your mindset to take charge in your life

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