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Get Ready for 12 Days of Beauty Tips!

Updated: Dec 14, 2018

Dazzling light displays, the smell of fresh cookies, the holiday sounds of carolers, the ugly sweater parties you have to attend, the beautiful holiday work parties that you get dressed up for, the variety of coffee drinks everywhere you go, and so much more, makes the Christmas season very memorable. Did you see that I didn’t mention the stress involved with the holidays? There's parties to be hosted, and crowded shopping malls to brave, but let's slow down and realize that we are the ones making the holidays about everything else except the true reason for the season. 

In our home, we have Christmas decorations all over the house and several Christmas trees adorned with tons of ornaments. All of this prep can be stressful, but I remind myself to take pauses in between. Remind myself to feel the magic. I chose to focus on the beauty of meeting up with family and friends, decorating our intricate trees, while listening to Christmas music and watching Hallmark movies. Am I exhausted after all of these activities, especially when I am the one hosting? YES, but I have the biggest smile on my face as I lay my head to sleep.

What are you focusing on?

All of the details involved in having everyone over for Christmas dinner? Why not take 30 minutes to write down what you will need to make the gathering a success? You will notice that this gives yourself a chance to breathe and actually enjoy this season of giving. Remind yourself that “giving” is not always about presents, but about giving someone else your time. With laughter as your biggest energy-booster, you will wake up every morning with joy in your soul. It is incredible how we can so often change all of these positive things into stress and unhappiness when we are stretched far too thin this season.

Focus on the good!

This Holiday season I will be sharing 12 Days of Beauty Tips and you may be surprised that not all the days involve a beauty product, so stay tuned!

Follow me on Instagram @TheDivaWearsPink where I will be giving out some FREE goodies throughout the 12 days!

Don't forget that your Pink Elf is here for any of your last minute shopping needs! ;)

Thank you for reading!

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