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Cafesito Time

Hello Beautinistas!

Happy Fall! It's been a while since we've connected but this summer has been full of adventures, traveling, birthdays, beach trips, brunch, gelatos, and graduations. Even though technically I don't consider Fall until October 1st I still have started to put up pumpkins around my house. This past Sunday though was National Coffee Day! Yep a holiday is made out of my favorite drink: CAFÉ!!

Now "Cafesito Time" is new but my liking of coffee is not. Living in a Latin home, coffee was offered to you from an early age, but I didn't become a fan of coffee until my senior year in high school. Back when ice blended drinks were coming on the scene is when I became addicted to the coffee flavored sugar infused drinks. Throughout my twenties is when I was going crazy tasting all these cold drinks that had some coffee in them. Now in my thirties is when I really started tasting coffees from all over the world and starting to have a more mature palette of what I personally liked. It wasn't until I went to Paris with my sister (sister from another mother ;0) that I truly tasted REALLY good coffee and learned that quality coffee doesn't need all the sugars to taste good. How coffee is made from bean to cup is a complicated process and much like wine. The final product done right is divine and the flavors of coffee made from different parts of the world just started taking another meaning to me. When my bestie would say lets have "cafesito time" it meant that we would be having a really good cup of coffee with some deep and amazing conversations. I look forward to it EVERY time! Enjoy your cup today and while you are sipping I wanted to share some local events coming up in October and November that are below the coffee pictures I have taken from Costa Rica, Cancun, Paris, and Tustin, CA.

Upcoming Events!

Beauty Workshops on Mondays in the city of Anaheim are starting October 14. Ask me for info and I will share the deets. 

I would like to invite you to #girlboss lunch and learn series coming in October. Details will be emailed within the week. 

Where: Jennifer Rich’s Farmers Insurance Office at 23161 Mill Creek Drive #250 Laguna Hills, California 92653

When: TBA


Beauty for Ashes Event

Where: Anaheim, CA

When: October 24th



Where: Huntington Beach, CA

When: November 13th


I would LOVE to see you ladies at one or several of these events! 

Thank you for reading!

Stay Beautiful,

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