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In the season of giving...

While counting my many blessings, I don't want to forget the women and men that have supported me as a local woman entrepreneur among these crazy times. My favorite season is upon us... the "Attitude of Gratitude" season! And even though we should always give thanks, this is a season for reflecting on our blessings throughout this past 2020 year.

Thanksgiving was Mary Kay Ash's favorite holiday, just as it is mine! One of her fundamental teachings was to always have an "attitude of gratitude." It seems only fitting that I look back over the last twelve years of my business and be grateful for the wonderful women it has brought into my life. November 22nd will be the 19th anniversary of Mary Kay's passing, yet she will be remembered as the original #bossbabe.

I want to share something with you-- Six years ago I began journaling, and it has been an amazing experience for me! I keep a gratitude journal, which I use daily to write down the people and things that I am grateful for. It could be anything from someone giving their parking spot to me so that I could quickly run into Trader Joe’s during the busiest time of the day, to seeing a woman, who was living in a domestic violence shelter, light up with joy when we were able to provide her with clothes for a job interview. We all have different businesses, and it’s my prayer that you know we have been put here on this earth for a greater purpose. May you find the passion and intention in your life so that you may bestow on others love and care this holiday season and beyond!

I hope and pray that you might ENJOY this holiday season! Rather than being stressed about presents and what outfits to wear to your many holiday events, why don't you reach out to a friend you haven’t seen in a while because of how “busy” you’ve been? It could be as simple as grabbing a cup of coffee via virtually to catch up, and you’ll be so thankful that you set out some time to reconnect with a friend! My biggest take away from this pandemic year.

My advice to you: Be productive this holiday season, not "busy," and make this a season of GIVING! Connection with family and friends is much more memorable that all the “stuff” we buy. Take a moment to be with your loved ones, be still and cherish those moments. The season of giving is not always about the physical gifts we give each other. It's about the time that we gift to each other.



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