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Clarity, Clarity, Clarity...

You have to have Clarity to know where you are going. Clarity is what brings your vision to life and helps others see your vision clearly. It is the fuel that drives your vision forward and moves you to action. GET YOU SOME CLARITY with a side of FOCUS! For me, I have been going to my yoga mat for clarity, peace, and meditation. For the past 3 years now it has also strengthened my connection to God. I encourage you to find your own place of solace where you can breathe and find peace within yourself. Journal, meditate, open up that cookbook you have but never had time for before. You never know: this clarity could spark new ideas for your career, just like it did with me when I first fully ventured into being an entrepreneur.

I have been asked this question quite a lot in the past couple of weeks: When do we go back to normal? I read an article that I think sums up my thoughts and feelings exactly. What I want to pinpoint from that article was the author's way of answering that previous question: "That outlook ignores the immense disparities in what different Americans experience as normal. It wastes the rare opportunity to reimagine what a fairer and less vulnerable society might look like. It glosses over the ongoing nature of the coronavirus threat. There is no going back. The only way out is through—past a turbulent spring, across an unusual summer, and into an unsettled year beyond."

We don't have a clear plan of when this will all be over. But rather than focusing on things we can't control, how about we wake up every morning with an attitude of what we can control. We are blessed to have another day while some others (sadly) won't get to hear the voices of their loved ones again. You may not be able to hug those you love soo dearly but hearing their voices through a screen or phone brings a smile to your face. Knowing that our loved ones are safe and cared for should be our main focus right now and our new "normal." I don't know about you, but I love hearing children's giggles and laughter; it always brings a smile to my soul. I wish I had their ignorance of everything that is going on, but we must keep pushing forward because "the only way out is through." Although we face the yet another day with the bitter reality of being home with not much to do, think about the times we wished we could have just had a break. Now we have a break, and now we have the time to better ourselves and improve our lives in the areas that were maybe lacking before. It's all about clarity during times of confusion.

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