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Destination Red!

Updated: Oct 11, 2019

So, starting my day, sipping coffee and mascara is a must! I have Christian worship music playing to get me pumped and I am now realizing how far into the year we are! I am not sure about you but I set some audacious goals for myself to get to by summer and EEK it's here!

We’re always moving so quickly in our busy lives and if you add a goal to that, it gets even crazier! When tracking down a goal you sometimes are lucky enough to get a high point but then it's onto the next and it seems you don’t even have the time to celebrate the little stepping stones along the way. These small steps may seem like little achievements to some, but it’s those small achievements that are pushing you forward to overall success. I wanted to take a minute here to remind us all to take pride on all and any progress that we have made on our goals that we have set for ourselves. The year is not over yet and we still have time to push!

So for me, I have been lucky to accomplish some of what I felt were some HUGE visions and goals that I set for myself at the beginning of the year and some of which I haven't entirely completed yet. These past couple of months I have been nonstop busy. From opening a new office (goal completed!) that I share with the lovely and spectacular miss Jennifer Rich in Mission Viejo, to my directorship and book project. I'm working on getting into a groove with all of the tasks I have on my plate. This is when productivity, rather than busyness, is crucial and when differentiating between the two is life-changing.

If you were okay with giving your previous time and energy to different avenues when you were younger, you might want to think twice now if you want to accomplish your current goals. For the younger generation, it is okay to dabble in different interests like learning another language, setting up your own website, living in another country, even hiking Machu Picchu. However, there comes a point in your career and life when you have to be intentional about what things to put your energy into. If you're currently juggling your schedule, time, and money between goals that do not matter to you anymore, it is okay to put them on hold and temporarily give up on plans that are not exactly feasible and practical at the moment. Instead, focus your energy and resources solely on that one thing that resonates to your core, which in my case would be achieving the qualifications for the Mary Kay Bahama Cruise.

For Mary Kay, the second quarter is about to end next month as June is Mary Kay’s last month for the end of the fiscal year. So the goal that I set for myself was to CRUSH my qualifications for the Mary Kay Bahama Cruise!

Would you like to know how can you help with my Destination Red goal for the cruise? Here are some simple ways:

1) Host a beauty bar! (Ask me for details)

2) Be a face model for the new Mary Kay foundation!

3) Start your own Pink Business! Let’s do coffee, and I can help you get started. ;)



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