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Updated: Oct 11, 2019

The past couple of months have been the hardest season of my life, but among the emotional rollercoaster I have never once doubted that God had a specific plan for this season to propel me to the next chapter of my life which is leading women in business with heart, passion, tenacity, and authenticity.

Last month, I went on a mini getaway to San Diego as I am collaborating in a book project coming up. I did get inspiration for the book, but I also got clarity on my personal obstacles that I wanted to share with you as I hope it might resignate with some of you. With the everyday business of life there is no time for "Reflection" as that would require time and we tell ourselves we don't have it. Then you are in a crisis and time just pauses at moments and reflection comes into play. 

It’s honestly not easy to own up to the things that have gone wrong or that need improvement and it’s easier to blame others or circumstances than look inwardly. It’s how you choose to react to the event you are going through that defines you. 

Its NEVER a bad time to reboot, but we do need to take the time and look at what we are doing right and the bad habits we do that we need to work on and better ourselves. Every day is the start of a new beginning. I choose joy and love and that is a solid choice I make among the circumstances. God is good always and forever. He is molding me to the warrior I have always been inside, but I needed to awaken to her. 

Do not wait for a crisis or a bad circumstance to make you sit down and contemplate what your life purpose is. Take everyday meditation with your creator, God and reflect on what it is that you were born to do on this earth We all have unique gifts lets not waste it due to confusion. Be quiet and listen which is the hardest part due to our everyday life but DO it and you will forever be grateful you did. 

With all my heart I wish you all a delightful week. 

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