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Worth Fighting For

As I am washing dishes with my gloves (I have to protect the nails 😉) I am also listening to a football game in the background while discussing our plans for the upcoming week with my husband,

I realize that these are the moments I cherish in my marriage. What exactly in the moment do I cherish? Is it the chaos or the noise or the therapeutic sensation of washing dishes does to me? NO……..its that as a couple we are having a conversation of life, planning, venting, sharing, and simply laughing about the most random things. In our current society we are bombarded with so much stimulation that we sometimes forget what a good conversation sounds like as our main form of communicating is by texting through our phones or through social media apps.

In times like these, in our kitchen, that I wish I could stop time because I love these moments of our relationship in our marriage. Even though we are married, I still date my husband and get excited on our date night Fridays. For example, what I am going to wear and where we are going, even if its dinner and a movie at our local town in RSM. He still makes me giddy and I love when he says “you look pretty”. Don’t get me wrong, he isn’t perfect but neither am I and we are the polar opposites in many things. However we always agree on what to do as a couple and being so honest with each other even if its means not agreeing with each other. 

Living in a world where being transparent and real with each other now seems to be the odd thing to do in a relationship and that makes me sad. It takes courage to be honest with ourselves because sometimes we wish we were living somebody else’s life because we tell our self that our life is dull, not adventurous, bad relationships, financially where we don’t want to be, haven’t completed a degree, etc. Let’s stop and access where we are at and have the courage and guts to change our lives one step at a time. Don’t get daunted by the HUGE project called “life” that you decide to keep doing the same thing you were already doing. Take the time to start planning your life no matter where you are in the chapter of your life. Your future is worth fighting for!! 

oh and Happy Halloween!

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