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Be Perfectly Imperfect

A new year is knocking at the door and it is time to make our inner and outer beauty resolutions to improve ourselves. Confidence is the best makeup a women could ever wear! Don’t make it a year of broken promises, just love yourself and don’t forget to thank 2018!

Being perfectly imperfect is all about being beautifully flawed. Accept your imperfections and validate your own self-worth. Our flaws make us all unique and it is important that we stop being our own worst critic.

My advice to you: Let your skin breathe from the inside out. Healthy skin starts with a healthy lifestyle, and having a fantastic skincare regimen is another major key.

Be on the lookout for some Kissology (women’s networking group in Orange County) events coming in January for your vision casting, leadership strengthening, and strategy unfolding. I can’t wait to introduce you to my partner for this upcoming year!

I can guarantee you will create many, many more hours in your year and more joy in your life, so don’t miss out!


Cheers to 2019!

Thank you for reading!



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